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Filing a Wage and Hour Claim - Kansas

Does Kansas have state overtime laws that are different from federal law?

Under Kansas law, employers must pay employees at a rate of one and one-half the employee's regular hourly wage for working more than 46 hours in one week. Under federal law, overtime is due after 40 hours in one week. Which law applies depends on a business’s amount of annual revenue and interstate commerce. The right to overtime pay cannot be waived by the employee.

Some employees are exempt from the overtime requirement. Employees engaged in administrative, professional, executive, outsides sales or agricultural activities are exempt from the overtime requirement. Additionally, the following employees are exempt under Kansas law:

  • Domestic service employees
  • Motor vehicle salespeople
  • People serving a sentence in a state prison or county jail

Does Kansas have a minimum wage that is different from federal law?

The current minimum wage in Kansas is $7.25 per hour. Employers can use tips and gratuities to reduce the minimum wage required to $2.13

These are both equal to the federal minimum wage. However, all employees not covered by the federal minimum wage must be paid the Kansas minimum wage.

Do any cities or counties in Kansas have a minimum wage that is different from state or federal law?

No cities or counties in Kansas currently have a minimum wage different from the state minimum of $7.25 per hour.

Does Kansas have meal and rest break requirements, unlike federal law?

Kansas does not have any meal or rest break requirements.

How do I file a wage/hour or labor standards claim in Kansas?

You can file a claim with the Department of Labor. This can be done by filling out a Claim for Wages. The filing should include as much information and documentation as possible. This process can be completed with or without an attorney. Here is more information about the process.

What are my time deadlines?

If you have a wage/hour complaint, do not delay in contacting the Department of Labor to file a claim. Strict deadlines apply to wage claims.

How can I or my attorney pursue a claim in court in Kansas?

In Kansas, employees can file a private lawsuit to recover unpaid wages.

State Labor Agency

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Topic of the Week

Domestic Violence and the Workplace


Blog of the Week

The Nightmare Facing the Poor and Working Class If There’s Not Another Stimulus

With time running out and Republicans balking at more Covid relief, U.S. workers are facing a future of financial misery.

Thought for the Week

"Domestic violence and sexual assault walk in the doors of each and every workplace every day here in the United States. Domestic violence robs our employees of their dignity and their health, and these issues hide in darkness until we bring them into the light."

–Kim Wells | Executive director of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

List of the Week

from Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Domestic Violence & The Workplace

  • One in every four women and one in 10 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime
  • The Department of Labor reports that victims of domestic violence lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the U.S., resulting in a $1.8 billion loss in productivity for employers.
  • An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year and that 85% of domestic violence victims are women.
  • 21% of full-time employed adults said they were victims of domestic violence and 74% of that group said they’ve been harassed at work.
  • 65% of companies don’t have a formal workplace domestic violence prevention policy, according to research conducted by the.

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